Sick of trying to find honest opinions on fashion/lifestyle stuff, only to find a bunch of #sponsored blog posts and magazine articles that only care about making money? Well look no further because Professional Nobody is here to answer your prayers. 

Professional Nobody is your no-bullshit source of actual information and opinions on all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle. If you’re looking for authenticity, some bad puns and honest opinions, Professional Nobody is the place for you!

After two and a half years of writing for a variety of fashion magazines/blogs around the internet, I found that lots (if not most) of the content you’re reading on your favourite fashion website is actually just a regurgitated press release from *insert brand name here*. Don’t get me wrong, press releases are great, but when you’re writing with the intention of keeping the brand happy, it gets a little hard to be honest.

I’m not trying to drag every media outlet in the industry, heck, I still read these articles! I’m just here to offer an alternative.

Professional Nobody is that friend that is always trying new products. Professional Nobody is your big sister that gives you no bullshit advice on everything you want to know about fashion and lifestyle.

So what are you waiting for? Become a nobody (it’s really fun).

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