Sample Sale Survival Guide

If you love fashion as much as we do, your bank account probably hates you, but don’t fret because sample sales are your new best friend. Sample sales are the perfect opportunity for you to get your hands on that gorgeous piece that your bank account can only dream of. Unfortunately, every other label-enthusiast in your area is probably wanting the same bargains as you!


1. Know Your Stuff!

The bargains you’ll find at a sample sale can be truly overwhelming, so know what you’re looking for before you enter the door. This way you won’t get distracted by all of the pretty dresses and will be able to score those killer shorts before the next girl can get her hands on them.

2. Dress Smart!

Sample sales usually have ‘communal’ changing rooms – aka you’re getting your kit off next to the girl from your local coffee shop! To save time and avoid getting necessarily naked, wear thin, tight-fitting clothing like sports leggings and singlets. While you may not look stylish while shopping, you’ll get to spend more time on the racks and less time in your undies!

3. Carry Cash!

Most sample sales should have eftpos, but it’s not worth the risk. If your card declines, their machine is malfunctioning or they just don’t take eftpos, your beloved finds will be taken back to the racks and you’ll be leaving empty handed! Taking cash is the easiest way to make sure your style steals will be coming home with you, and not the next girl in line.

4. Trust Your Peers!

While some girls can be catty, most girls you’ll meet in the dressing room will be able to give you a quick ‘that looks good on you’ or a ‘no girl, put that back!’ While you may choose to ignore their advice, if you’re doubting something, ask a gal pal for her advice, she might just convince you into purchasing your new staple jacket.

5. Be Savvy!

Does your dream sweater have a missing button? Point it out to the sales assistant and you might just get an even bigger discount. This won’t always work but there’s definitely no harm in trying.

6. Spot The Difference!

Sample sales will usually include actual samples and/or excess merchandise. There isn’t a better option in our opinion, as both items have different pros and cons, but you should definitely know what you’re looking at before you buy it. Samples usually don’t have tags and will include unique pieces that never made it to production, whereas excess merchandise sales are great for grabbing those trendy seasonal pieces you couldn’t afford in store.

7. Rise and Shine!

Be at the sale early, especially if it’s a big one! While you might still be fourth or fifth in line, it’s much better than being forty-fifth! And that extra time in line will allow you to befriend some fellow crazy-fashion-ladies!

8. If You Don’t Love it, Leave it!

Sales are exciting, the discounts are amazing, but you’re not saving any money if you’re purchasing a bunch of random pieces you’ll never actually wear. This motto also works for pieces that are damaged, if you’re not actually going to fix them, don’t buy them.



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