8 Designer Bags That Animals Didn’t Die For


I’m pretty new to the whole ‘vegan’ thing, and although there are many parts of living plant-based that are much easier than I thought, being ethical when it comes to fashion can be quite hard.

I’ve always had a high quality standard for handbags, but my beloved Kate Spade is coming to the end of it’s life and I am was majorly struggling to find a high-quality or designer bag that didn’t require me to be carrying around a dead animal all day long. Luckily, after a long search on the interwebs I managed to find a bunch of great brands that specialise in (or at least include) vegan leather options.


Stella McCartney – Daughter of Paul and Linda McCartney, lifelong vegetarian and iconic fashion designer, Stella McCartney has an extensive range of vegan leather bags and accessories so you can keep up that designer lifestyle without contributing to animal cruelty. Win-win if you ask me!

Top Picks – Small Alter Quilted Hobo ($1850.98 from Nordstrom) and Quilted Faux Leather Crossbody Bag ($2045.09 from Nordstrom)


Moschino – If the simple black tote isn’t really your style, don’t fret because quirky Italian fashion house, Moschino, have you covered with a range of great vegan pieces.

Top Picks – Magazine Faux Leather Crossbody Bag ($1640.73 from Nordstromand Bear Shopping Tote ($1291.64 from Nordstrom)

Sole Society – Sole Society are a great affordable brand with a wide range of vegan leather products. This brand specialises in those ‘I need to actually fit a bunch of stuff in this bag and look stylish’ bags. Whether you’re going to work, uni, or just want to be able to sneak your own snacks into the cinema, Sole Society have got you covered.

Top Picks – Candice Oversize Travel Tote ($112.36 from Nordstromand Glenn Faux Leather Tote ($84.26 $50.54 from Nordstrom)


Matt and Nat – This sustainable, eco-friendly, vegan brand is your one stop shop for bags for the busy woman (or man). From backpacks to messenger bags, diaper bags to yoga bags, these ethical masterminds have bags for every stage of life.

Top Picks – Gloria SM (Black) ($140USD from Matt and Natand Mumbai (Black) ($145USD from Matt and Nat)



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